November Birthstone

November Birthstone Topaz Jewelry

November Birthstone – Citrine


previous month zodiac signs next month Citrine fact file Crystal Structure: hexagonal Chemical Composition: Transparent Quartz – Silicon Dioxide, SiO2 Hardness: 7 MOHS Refractive Index: 1.5 Colors: yellow to gold to orange brown Citrine, the November Birthstone, is a yellow…

November Birthstone – Topaz


previous month zodiac signs next month Topaz fact file Crystal Structure:orthorhombicChemical Composition:fluosilicate of aluminum Hardness:5-6 MOHSRefractive Index:colorless and blue topaz – 1.610 to 1.617yellow and brown topaz – 1.630 to 1.637Colors:Many colors including pink, blue, lavender, yellow, orange, orange-yellow, brownish…