Taurus Birthstone – Diamond

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These bulls are a Fixed sign and their element is Earth. A combination which makes these lovable bull-heads set on acquiring material possessions.

They are also very sensual and like to be the center of attention. Just like their stone, Diamond, they are always liked.

Diamond is the taurus birthstone. It is said that the one who wears a Diamond has a luxurious life . Diamond is also supposed to enhance the name, fame and artistic quality of the person. diamond’s inherently indestructible characteristics infer a couple’s commitment is forever. Once you’ve hooked your mate, seal the deal for eternity with a diamond. This gem is also said to enhance a husband’s love for his wife and incite sexual prowess.Diamond is a hot gem. It creates goodness and removes evil and fearful thoughts in native. It improves financial conditions and blesses the native with comforts and peace of mind. It also enhances sexual power. Also helpful in diabetes, diseases of urine, of private parts, syphilis, skin and uterine diseases. Diamond should he worn on 1st finger of right hand on Friday in gold or platinum. The weight should be 1/4 or 1/2 gram.

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