Virgo Birthstone – Emerald

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Emerald fact file

Crystal Structure: hexagonal
Chemical Composition: Beryl – silicate of Beryllium and Aluminum Al2Be3(Si6O18)
Hardness: 7.5 to 8 MOHS

Refractive Index: 1.57 to 1.60
Colors: light to dark green

A Mutable sign deeply rooted in its element, Earth. Virgos are know to be one of two kinds, evil or saint.

They have a compulsive need for perfection and depending on the category to which they belong, are capable of the worst or the best.

Emerald is the Virgo birthstone . It improves faculties related to brain such as memory, communication, intuition, the intellect, and the ability to learn. This is normally petal green or dark green in colour. Green for a man signifies joy and hope; for a woman, ambition and change.Emerald is a hot gem. It increases intelligence and brain power, removes and cures fickle-mindedness, loss of memory, stammering, fear from souls and spirits, cools the harsh speech. One of the interesting observations about Emerald is that it is not prescribed for newly-wed couples. It is said that newly married couples should not use it as it impairs conjugal happiness due to reduction in sexual desires. Once the relationship is underway, wear emerald to protect it, enhance fertility and ease childbirth when that baby comes. Emerald is believed to cure eye problems, aid the liver, and guard against fits and convulsions.It is also useful for curing diarrhoea, dysentery, gastritis, peptic ulcer, asthma, insomnia, heart troubles, etc. Emerald should be used in gold of 3, 5, 7 or 10 grams on 4th finger of right hand on Wednesday. An Emerald wearer is likely to get sufficient wealth.

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